with 3 inputs optionally with M-Bus, RS-232, RS-485

The new multipulse is characterized by its complete new housing concept and innovative technology. The module can be opened without a tool.

The self explaining multifunctional display shows permanently the current reading. Unusual working conditions can easily be identified with special symbols. Using the button three display levels with all the important information can be called up, including SRD values.

The multipulse pulse counter module can also take the output of pulse meters and integrate them into a bus system.

Low-cost pulse output meters can be used to establish an M-Bus network without the high cost normally associated with M-Bus compatible meters. In addition to the bus version, an RS232 and an RS485 (ZR-Bus) version is also available.

With multilog, the version with the big memory, several data loggers can be programmed.




Performance characteristics in overview
  • main input and 2 additional inputs.
  • Housing can be opened without tools.
  • Optional with M-Bus, RS232 and RS485 interface.
  • Integrated wall and rail mounting.

Product Options

Display Multifunctional LCD, 8-digit, floating
Interface volume inputs
Interfaces optical, optionally M-Bus, RS232
ZR-Bus (RS485)
Ambient temperature 5°C – 55°C
Power supply Battery 3.6 V Lithium, optionally mains power supply (230V/24V)
Battery lifetime 6 years, optionally 11 years
Protection class IP 54 / IP 65, acc. to DIN 40050
Mechanical/electromagnetic class M1/E1
Dimensions Height: 106mm, Width: 126mm, Depth: 54mm