The Company was promoted by Mr.G.C.Narang and his family in 1988.

In 1992, PTCPL entered into agreement with Schlumberger of France to manufacture Domestic water meter (Single-Jet 15mm & 20mm) in India with their design and Technical know how. All the agreements with M/s Schlumberger expired in May, 2004.

Starting manufacture of water meters in 1994, more than 1.0 million water meters have been manufactured and sold in India and abroad. The major customers have been the Municipal Corporations of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Uttaranchal , Assam , Noida , Vietnam(Export 15,000 water meters ) etc. The factory has a capacity of more than 200,000 pcs a year.

In 1997, we were awarded ISO 9002 and in year 2000 ISO 9001:2000 by TUV of Germany for Manufacturing and Design of Domestic Water Meters. We have complete process control and calibration systems, which are traceable to recognized laboratory like National Physical Laboratory(NPL) etc.

The water meter have been approved by all leading laboratories e.g NPL, FCRI, and have been checked by SGS on regular basis. We are only company in India which have cleared all endurance tests and temperature suitability tests at Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI) , Kerala .



Mr. G.C.Narang


The Chairman of the Company Mr. G.C. Narang is qualified Engineer from BITS Pilani. He has been in Industry for last 50 years. He worked with Kelvinator of India for 23 years as Chief Executive. For last 10 years he is fully involved with ZAIPL.


Mr. Tarun Narang

Managing Director

Mr. Tarun Narang Managing Director of the Company has done BSc Electronics from Delhi University . He has further done his Masters in Engg. Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA. He has been with the Company since 1996.


  • Joint Venture/Technical Know How Agreement with Schlumberger France in 1992

  • Production Started 1994

  • Contract with HMWS&SB, Hyderabad for supply of 15mm Single Jet Class B Water Meters (175,000 nos. Supplied) under World Bank Project

  • Supply to BWS&SB, Bangalore of 400,000 nos 15mm Single Jet Water Meters from 1996-2006

  • Supply to various Municipalities such as Uttranchal, Noida, Assam, Chennai, Delhi, Nagaland etc.

  • Export to Vietnam (15000 nos.)

  • Agreement with Schlumberger ends 2004

  • Order from BWS&SB, Bangalore for 125,000 nos. 15mm Single Jet Water Meters in 2004

  • Introduction of Multi-Jet / Woltmann Type Meters

  • Approval by Delhi Jal Board for Multijet meters

  • Order for BWS&SB completed in 2005

  • Complete Range of Water Meter 15mm - 500mm Introduced in The Market.

  • DGS&D Rate Contract for 15mm Water Meters

  • Orders from HMWS&SB, Hyderabad, Shimla Municipal Corporation PHED GOA, Uttranchal, Nashik, Tamil Nadu.

  • Export to Vietnam / Middle East in 2005-06.

  • Authorization to Market the products from Zenner / Minol in 2008

  • JV with M/s. Zenner International GmbH & Co Kg. Saarbrucken, Germany in 2010 and company name changed to M/s. Zenner Aquamet India Pvt Ltd.

  • Supplied more than 100,000 nos., 15mm Multi Jet Zenner Water Meters to Jusco, Mysore for their KUWS&SB Project

  • Shifting of Plant & Warehouse to Newly Constructed Factory at IMT Faridabad.


28 Years experience with manufacturing and marketing water meters in India.

Sales Staff of 6 For All India Marketing

Good relations with Water Boards All across India.

Successful Completion of Large Orders of Domestic & Bulk Water Meters.