The IUW ultrasonic bulk water meter is used to record high and fluctuating flows in drinking water distribution and in industry, with a very low pressure loss at the same time.

Two pairs of ultrasonic sensors ensure optimum measurement accuracy. The IUW is factory-fitted with a 9-digit LCD display and an NFC interface. This enables a subsequent connection of a wM-Bus (OMS) or LoRaWAN®-NDC module. Via the plug and play function of the NDC module, the radio technology set on the meter is automatically adopted by the NDC module. All variants are approved for any installation and are therefore also suitable for riser and downpipe installation. A head-down mounting is also possible. All materials, which are used in the drinking water section, comply with the required standards, guidelines and the current German drinking water approval (other country-specific drinking water approvals on request).




  • Switchable radio technology
  • Highest precision and reliability even in case of low flow rates
  • Protection class IP68
  • No moving parts in the flow sensor
  • Insensitive to deposits and particles
  • No straight inlet or outlet needed (U0/D0) according to OIML R49 and DIN EN ISO 4064
  • Battery powered LCD register with NFC interface
  • Smart functions
  • Alarm and statistic functions
  • Galvanically separated NFC interface
  • Battery life > 15 Years
  • Operating pressure MAP 16
  • Approved in accordance with MID
  • Plug and play detection of radio technology via NDC radio module
  • Configuration-App
  • Mechanical/electromagnetic environment class M2/E2


  • For measuring the consumption of cold and clean drinking water or service water up to 50° C
  • For measuring high flow rates


  • NFC interface (= Near Field Data Capture) for connecting an external NDC module and for device configuration

Readout options of the measuring device via the NFC interface (Near Field Communication)

  • Device ID (serial number)
  • Current (balanced) consumption display or Total volume in case of an overflow
  • Date / Time
  • Firmware version
  • Up to 15 previous month’s value
  • Temperature
  • Key date / key date volume
  • Flow volume / return volume
  • Alarm or error message
  • Battery end

Product Options

Register Electronic
Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 50
  • DN 65
  • DN 80
  • DN 100
  • DN 125
  • DN 150
  • DN 200
Temperature Cold water up to 50 °C
Housing MaterialCast Iron Cast Iron
Communication Technologies
  • Radio via wireless M-Bus
  • Radio via LoRaWAN
Specified Units on Display Cubic Meters (m³)